The Wheel

Taking the Wheel, Setting America Back On Course

America became the greatest country on earth for a simple reason-our design for our government.

Our national society was built on solid moral values, principles and respecting the God-given rights of man.

That original design was well done.

It widely diffused representative powers and specifically limited the central government.

Americans worked hard to make this all work.

Other nationalities were drawn to come here to live in freedom.

We the people prospered, even through difficult times full of basic living hardships. 

Later we went to war between ourselves. An unresolved problem with our constitution had excluded the promise of opportunity for some.

This was necessary for fulfilling the true destiny our founders envisioned as expressed in
 the spirit of our founding statement to the world, the Declaration of Independence.

We the people established we would live equally in freedom.

This freedom grew an empire– through an industrious people, ingenuity, innovation and retaining our ownership of our earned property.

Those in positions of trust held great power.

Many used it judiciously and wisely.

Many others would not practice self restraint.

Eventually some leaders we had entrusted learned ways to usurp powers insidiously.

These were those that craved powers beyond those authorized and delegated.

Disguising motives and other deceitful practices began eroding our unprecedented design for success.

The political policies bringing about these corrosive government changes employed emotional appeals to the people in order to justify the many transgressions across the formerly established boundaries.

Small trespasses we allowed them grew into more and constant invasive interferences.

Subsequent generations accepted these changes as established and therefore valid.

They were never valid.

That is neither representative government nor obtaining our true consent.

Our country had a great design that worked well but now has been transformed with an entirely different and unauthorized system of government.

This changed design actually enslaves the people and denies independence.

The government we created to protect us from threats now acts to establish rights instead of protecting them for all. Their centralized power grows bigger at our expense and as a result, our freedom shrinks.

They have become the threat to the liberty of the people we originally rejected.

They have lost their legitimacy by exceeding their authority.

We the people must examine that which has displaced what we originally established
for a system of limited government that protects freedom.

It is true, we are now far off course and are heading for disaster.

Knowledge empowers us to see truth– our original form of government must be restored.

Fight for the truth.

Reset the true course back toward opportunity and freedom.

Fight for liberty for yourself and the future generations.

May there be liberty and justice for all.

What to do?

Be an involved citizen

  Learn the doctrines of freedom well

Join fellow citizens at  Heritage Action to be active

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