Saturday, August 23, 2008

MO for IOU Barack Obama

The M.O. of B.O.

There has a lot of talk when it comes to buses and how Barack Obama has a habit of throwing those around him "under the bus". This is not about that exactly.

Modus Operandi is the Latin term meaning "mode of operation" and is frequently used to describe criminal or fraudulent behavior by law enforcement of a particular individual while trying to build a profile for that person. M.O. for short.

I submit that Obama's M.O. is fairly consistent and has been employed by him to get to where he is today.

From his days in college to his Chicago associations and Illinois senate days right up to present day it has not really changed.

Obama hops on someone else's bus and leaves an IOU. Along the way he learned that he to could receive IOU's and he has used these to go very far and very fast.

The route he chose and the fellow riders he chose to help him are very strange and troubling to most of us, as it seems he could have traveled in a much more promising direction than the one he took and he does not explain his path.

The people that have tried to redeem his IOU's have all ended up under the bus(Rezko) or left holding worthless paper(his broken promises to his Kenyan village), in fact the long list is astounding.

His real talent has been the ability to redeem his I.O.U. ticket for better upgrades along the way(mostly by giving out more IOU's).

Aside from the achievement of taking the journey and writing about his feelings and dreams he accomplished little else outside of perfecting his I.O.U. system.

Now here we are today and Barack Obama is telling the world he is the bus! He is telling America here is my I.O.U. to you! Climb aboard!

This is his M.O. and he arrogantly thinks he can continue to use this system to drive us down the road even though , if you notice, he never drove the bus one single time!

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