Tuesday, September 23, 2008

...Fox news? They scoff!

The war of ideas rages on!

Who are the combatants? What is being fought over? What is at stake?

Where can you go to find out the truth?

It is increasingly clear that one can not find the truth in the traditional venues. If you line up with the left and pick up a periodical you will probably have your ideas confirmed. The news is framed in the way that appeals to your world view. Your leaders are idolized and the political opposition is denigrated. You live in your own happy little world, though chances are you fit nicely into a special victim category. If you happen to watch a network newscast your views will be endorsed further in a somewhat abbreviated manner with selective soundbites and syndicated stories. You trust and accept this information as mostly true. You are a kool-aid

If you are a traditional American that believes in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, along with the individuals rights and freedoms, you know that the facts do not align with reality as the media is presenting them. You see a media taking a small corner of the picture, re-framing this and changing key facts through nuance, omission or downright lying. You know better as you see the distorted image now presented as news and truth! You are not happy, and you have cause!

Ordinary Americans are leaving the old sources of information in no small part due to this bias.
It is incredible to listen to these media people feign innocence to these practices. It is just too obvious for them to deny with a straight face any longer. They are still trying though, it is not working!

This would be laughable were not the stakes so high! Our media has traditionally added a level of safety to our society by being a major check on the misuse of power. This makes the irony of them abusing their power as they have all the more troubling. There is now a no hunting sign on one side of the political fence. This has the effect of shielding some pretty bad characters from scrutiny, and we are slowly finding out via other routes just what a mistake this is.

This is a huge disservice to America. No amount of Hollywood hype or elitist academia commentary justifies this.

Writing on this subject isn't new to me. It is just too important not to try and reach people with this message.

Our media needs to be neutral period! They are feeling economic pressure, but I am not sure they are capable of admitting why! Self importance seems to be a common thread among this class. They have the connections, they have the education , and they have the track record.
Who would you replace us with, Fox news? They scoff!

Speaking of Fox news, I see them slipping more and more in the wrong direction too and I can only hope they stay balanced.

Today I read an article by Cliff Kincaid on this very subject detailing the media rearrangement of information with specific examples. You can read it here. I have read many such articles by many authors, too many to list.

The left has nominated an absolutely horrid candidate to lead our country but only those willing to look for alternatives to the media know how bad he is for our whole system of government and way of life. Presenting him as a truly viable candidate borders on criminal in its deception.
Yes, these are harsh words but they match the harsh reality of the man who has a hidden record and a devious agenda. This is only possible because the media wants it this way.

The war rages on and it is very clear the truck with the satellite dish is not the same as a truck with a red cross. We can't let them cut back and forth across the front line helping to shape the battlefield in favor of their favored victors.

Let them scoff, but trust them not.

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  1. This term Traditional American was suggested by a friend of mine.
    Using it opens up a dialogue with people and is more descriptive of our beliefs. Freedom and liberty are based on the principles set forth in our founding and American customs. Traditional Americans believe in life,liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!


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