Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Political Art of Ignoring the American Will

It has become a normal sequence of events in recent years for politicians to ignore what they hear the American people say.
We say no to gay marriage, we are ignored.
We say not to bigger government, we are ignored.
We say no to illegal immigration, we are ignored.
We say no to wasteful spending, we are ignored.
We say no to higher taxes, we are ignored.
We say no to restrictions against religion in public places, we are ignored.
We say no to abortion as birth control, and we are ignored.
We so no to government financial bail-out, we are yet again, ignored!

We than are subjected to the tag team politician-media spin on how we are heard, but why we are wrong, and they will patiently explain it to our feeble little minds.

If we really scream and shout all at once the issue becomes tabled for the time being. Behind the scenes our determined politicians look for new ways to sneak the issue into a bill somewhere or a new strategy to have it resurface later when the "heat is off".

Sometimes the issue just cannot be slipped in as a bill and it is handed off for the lawyers to fight over. Once in the courts the will of the people can really be ignored. Accountability ends at the nomination process. The court will either decide to act with restraint within existing law(as it should) or it will act to "make law" in which case not only are we ignored, but are than without recourse.

We hear all the time that conservatism is dead... because the Republican brand is damaged. Yes, we are angry at our party, but it is because our conservative values are being ignored by these politicians. If you had not ignored us and fought for what we want, we would not be on the edge of the cliff where we now find ourselves.

Habeus Corpus rights for terrorists?
Private property seized by the government so they can raise their tax base?
Boy Scouts being sued for believing in a higher power?
Illegal aliens receiving free college education over actual citizens?
Kindergarten sex education?

A few years ago few could have imagined these horrifying changes to our culture and our liberty and freedom. However, these politicians are just warming up. Having learned the art of ignoring us they now feel unencumbered in what they can impose.

How does 100% taxes sound?
How about killing live birth babies or the sick or the elderly?
New currency and coinage with the motto "In God we Trust" removed?
Mandatory attendance of government service camps?
Socialized health care?
Amnesty for Illegals approved and extended?

I would go on with this list but these politicians don't need any more bright ideas! Instead of trying to join in with the socialists the American people want you to fight. If you ignore this as seems to be your way than you will pay the price on election day. Given the choice between a slow excruciating painful death or a quick and painless death most of prefer the latter.
Our actual choice is life, but that requires something that the politicians can not seem to manage,
a simple little task. Stop ignoring the American people!

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