Monday, October 27, 2008

That's not the ConstitutionThat I Knew

You do not have to be a student of the US Constitution to know that something is very, very wrong with the latest revelations in Barack Obama's views about our founding documents.

Should he be elected, Barack Obama would have to swear allegiance to the United States of America and to the US Constitution.

Now we have heard the audio tapes on redistribution and how he feels that our Constitution is "flawed", that "there is an enormous blind spot overlooked by the founding fathers", that they basically got it wrong and that a huge opportunity was missed during the civil rights movement to rectify the situation by the Warren Supreme Court.

Just how will Obama be able to take an Oath to defend America and our Constitution when he believes that both are fundamentally bad? Will he have his fingers crossed over the good book or maybe cross his toes inside his Patton leathers out of sight to his gallery of adoring fans summoned to commemorate his triumph?

I am not parsing words as he does. Obama is guilty by the preponderance of evidence in his words and in his actions in working to change the fundamentals of our country. He would admit as much before running for President. What he will not admit is that his change of redistribution
is social engineering, in other words socialism. In other words Marxism!

The beauty of our Constitution is the concept of limited government that keeps the power in the hands of "We the People" and does limit the power that the government can exert on us. This is not how Obama wants it to be at all.

How does Obama want to change us? He wants to "improve" our Constitution. He wants Justices that will interpret the Constitution to infer rights rather than preserve them. That one aspect would effectively seize power from the people and give it to a few unelected
justices to fabricate unimaginable law.

That is neither preserving or defending our Constitution, that is subverting it.

This outcome would be no different than an attack by a domestic enemy, the document is not just a political paper, it is our principles and our law. Obama thinks our Constitution is just a "paving political document" but is too flawed to be considered capable of basing our society on!
Why? It does not actively confer additional socialism solutions!

The "white executive does not want to pay taxes to inner city school children" and the government should therefore step in and make them! Does this sound like a statement from someone who is interested in preserving rights?

Redistribution of income mandated by a government is Marxism. Every society that has attempted to impose this system has ended up with a less efficient society with a more dependent citizenry, inflated prices, and high unemployment in comparison to our capitalistic economy.

This upheaval in the midst of an emerging global economy will wreck total and possibly permanent damage to our economy.

Not only should this man not be elected he should be banned from holding any elective office due to his extreme views and his expressed desire to attack our Constitution in order to change it or destroy it. This is tyranny, and must be stopped.

It is only responsible to have serious reservations on this man's allegiance to this country.
I am tired of the unwillingness to state this now apparent stance. Obama does not care for either our country or our Constitution as it is. His view is that our own Constitution is unjust and always has been!

The Constitution is our law and it has served us well to become the greatest country ever on the face of the earth! America has been the greatest defender of freedom and liberty throughout the world. America is the most generous country helping millions on the globel.

Obama doesn’t think this is a great country! Obama does not like our Constitution that is the very reason we have liberty and freedom.

Under Obama liberty and freedom lose.

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