Monday, October 20, 2008

The War of Gratitude

Increasingly, I see a struggle for power that is based on the message that our recent leaders have dropped the ball and so under them we have suffered.

If that can be established as a given truth, than it follows that people will be amenable to change whether or not the actual change has been spelled out with specifics.

People are constantly polled on their attitudes, how they feel on certain issues, and their degree of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Two parties with a near perfect match in terms of social-economic circumstances may have a completely opposite attitude than their match.

What matters are his or her present attitude about life and circumstances.
Many factors go into what shaped a particular attitude in an individual but how they got there is not as important as where they currently are as far as politics go.

The power of knowing where they are is extremely important if you hope to convince them to listen to an idea.

This brings me to my main point. There is a median point in the attitude a person has and it often determines what position one will adopt. The amount of this feeling seems to directly tie into the amount of happiness present in one's life. Should you come to believe that you have no cause to possess this feeling, than you will most certainly feel unhappy. However if you do feel this, than more likely than not you are happy.

This feeling is gratitude.

This choice being made in this election cycle is based on this one feeling, as it always is. However, the lack of this feeling of gratitude is being exploited like never before.

A whole lot of people have been convinced that they have absolutely nothing to be grateful for by a man that was told that himself early on in his life.

He has the peoples ear; they are listening. When you feel that you have nothing to be grateful for, you will naturally want to change those circumstances.

You are susceptible to wanting change and you are going to hope for it.

Unfortunately we live in a world that bombards us constantly with negative messages. Many people do not stop to smell the roses. Some never count their blessings. Others still look with envy upon others that seem to have better.

If you are lucky enough to have born in this country you were automatically blessed with something to be grateful for. You were born into the greatest country ever seen on Gods green earth. You have a system of government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people.
You enjoy a standard of living that is the envy of the rest of the world, even the very poor live much better here than most of the rest of the worlds poor.

In order to be appreciative or grateful though first you must be able to see it. Some people are reminded by their faith some are reminded in other ways. Chances are if you are appreciative than you are also positive about the future. This does not mean you have to have money either. The old adage goes the best things in life are free.

Those that are not appreciative in life may have been at one time, and than something happened where they no longer feel that way. Almost everyone though is grateful for something in different degrees.

But this year we have someone who is very effectively telling folks they have nothing what-so-ever to be grateful for now but not to worry. Follow him and you will get the change you are looking for. Now he has planted the seed of hope and you are grateful.

This is absolutely powerful. Now, like magic, someone dynamic has come along and elevated your gratitude with little effort on your part. You actually missed the first step of the process though.
Armed with that information of where you are(on the satisfaction scale) he used that to convince you it was hopeless first. Due to the current leadership, of course. Once everyone was nodding their heads in agreement on what they didn't have( due to someone else) he made you feel grateful that he was going to change that for you and he asked for your help in doing so. This was repeated all over the country in a process called duplication.

Another name for this of course is marketing, and it is no accident that his campaign manager has this background.

People who are already grateful for what they see they have, do not understand how this all could of happened. How can all the Marxist ideals and acquaintances be ignored by so many people? What about his truly scary lack of experience? What about all the dishonesty and thug like, almost ruthless tendencies to suppress dissent or silence critics? What about the blatant fraud? How could people be ignoring all of this?

I explained what happened above. It also happens to follow along with Rules for Radicals.

It worked with him before and he knew it would work again.

When you have a country that can say "I support our troops but I don't support their mission", you know you have a lot of people lacking gratitude. Imagine if the troops themselves thought that. You could not make such a statement and have real appreciation for the job our troops do.

The last part of the campaign is called closing the deal, and it is no surprise that these previous tactics do not seem to work on those last critical voters he needs. I think it is also due to gratitude. People that do feel appreciative are not easily convinced that they need change.
This is why the last stages of the game have been filled with so many pot sweeteners, which he carefully words but has no real intentions to fulfill.

The idea of inevitability comes into play at this time too. If people feel its hopeless and give up
it's like gaining votes for himself. Our very ungrateful and complacent media will give it their all in this effort.

Those of us that are grateful know we must fight on to preserve our country, our freedom, and liberty. We know we have much to be grateful and appreciative for. We don't take what we have for granted and are not likely to fall into the same trap.

Yes we are in a war over gratitude. One side has real gratitude and one side has manipulated gratitude. Those who take the time to think about what they should appreciate will know how to decide!

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