Friday, November 21, 2008

The Green Sickness

When your elected leaders refuse to recognize facts and continue a scam against the people like Global Warming sham, what can we do?

Educate as many people as you can to the facts.

Yesterday this article was published.

Today this article was published.

During the election this letter was published.

I challenge anyone to read these articles and the references contain within and come to the conclusion that the global climate scare is valid scientifically!

Anyone that takes the time to read these articles and go to the links will see that the Global Warming alarmists are perpetuating a scam on the uninformed world!

I have heard many ask that even if they are; Don’t we need to change our behavior to maintain a clean environment?

Yes, but with the understanding that pollution is one thing, but the Co2 global warming fraud is quite another.

Running out of fossil fuels is a potential problem too if there is only a finite amount that is available, but we already have technology we can use for energy such as nuclear. In the future innovation and advances in technology will lead to even more ways to produce energy.

From what I can see, the politicians are posturing to absolutely weaken us economically, to force a change we are not in the position to make, for all the wrong reasons.

They are poised to intentionally make us sick, give us a green influenza!

The actions they have promised will cause the price of everything to soar and for people to lose jobs and have to depend on the government for their very survival!
That seems to be what they are counting on. Once people are forced into dependency it is very hard to vote against those that are allowing you to survive.

Educating the people against this virus is the way to prevent it, the inoculation against it.

Epidemics are very hard to contain once they start and this one could be devastating to our way of life.

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