Monday, November 3, 2008

The Three R's Of Regression?

The Three R's Of Regression?

It is with great trepidation that I anxiously await tomorrows vote.

The United States of America could see the beginning of the end of life as we know it... the historic point in which a misinformed public chose a vague promise over substance which in turn lead to the eventual collapse of our great liberty.

The end of individual risk, reward, and a representative government!

The end of freedom.

While Tuesday's child is full of grace. Wednesday's child is full of woe.

Let's hope this nursery rhyme that portends to predict a child's future based on the day of birth does not foretell us now of an ominous path of progression down a path from which return is not probable. A path paved by bricks of hope but leading into to dreaded place by those have fought to escape from there before.

This brings to mind another fairy tale with a simple message.

Hansel & Gretel of Grimm's Fairy Tale's fame were also lured us into the thickest part of the forest and we all know how close they came to paying for their foolishness with their lives.

I hope enough people know enough to choose not to give away their 'right to decide' in in life to those that are obsessed with wanting the power to control those decisions for everyone.

The lure of the candied house is but a spell and it is designed to entrap and feed its designer.

Tomorrow we will learn if we voted to be gobbled up.

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