Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's Your Freedom to Lose

The three leading words of the U.S. Constitution are no accident.

We the People...

The authority for the governance of these United States lies with the people, and we limited the authority we delegated from the moment we established our government, in order to remain free.

Unfortunately not enough citizens of this country read, nor attempt to fully understand, the doctrines of freedom to the degree they should in order to protect their own liberty, and that of our posterity.

Many office holders have abused their actual authority, while ignoring their oaths to be true to our Constitution, in order to gain political power, at our expense, using all sorts of convoluted logic to set precedents that are anti freedom, and counter to all the foundations of our government. Unfortunately many we have placed in postions of trust to prevent these abuses, have been unwilling to take the steps needed to remove the abusers, thereby enabling a continuing erosion of our basic system of government based on God given rights and man's right to live free.

In her latest installment at her blog about our Constitution and original intent so often ignored by the federal judiciary, Constitutional expert and retired lawyer, Publius Hulda talks about the 14th Amendment, federal jurisdiction,  the "Due Process" clause, and the source of our rights.

Citizens concerned about the future of America need to do their homework. Then go ahead and share the truth.

Judicial Abuse of the Fourteenth Amendment: Abortion, Sexual Orientation & Gay Marriage

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