Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sit Down & Shut-up Orders From the Left

The wheels are coming off the liberal... actually progressive, well...actually Marxist, spin machine. Nothing infuriates them more than the opinions of others who just refuse to agree with becoming zombies to their mixture of ideologies. Nothing, that is, but a voice they cannot silence, even with the most cunning and devious plan, guaranteed to work, per our good ole manipulator, Uncle Saul. Surely we can freeze them, isolate them, personalize them and polarize them? Why, oh why is this backfiring...?

Well, maybe you went outside the area of your expertise, by attacking someone that is not clueless and not without plenty of people supporting him, and wise to your overplayed hands! Or maybe, it is just hard to ridicule the truth without it coming right back onto you?  Whatever the reason, your tactic has failed miserably and has become a drag on you leftists, nice try, but no chance! Silencing the speech of others is no longer so easy, now that everyone expects you try, and are waiting for you...

Oh yeah, your hypocrisy is really showing!

Via Breitbart– Winning the Narrative: the Rush Limbaugh Edition

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