Saturday, March 17, 2012

Suspended Freedom By Executive Order?

Obama signs Executive Order allowing for control over all US resources

On March 16th, President Obama signed a new Executive Order which expands upon a prior order issued in 1950 for Disaster Preparedness, and gives the office of the President complete control over all the resources in the United States in times of war or emergency.
The National Defense Resources Preparedness order gives the Executive Branch the power to control and allocate energy, production, transportation, food, and even water resources by decree under the auspices of national defense and national security.  The order is not limited to wartime implementation...

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March 18, 2012 Update: Several people have weighed in on this E.O. claiming that no new powers have been conferred by this Executive Order, but that is was merely reissued due to several new federal agencies in existence now. However, judging by the Twitter reaction yesterday, people see this order, along with the recent passage of NDAA as having the potential to confer too much power onto the Executive branch in an unprecedented way, probably triggered by a planned but manufactured excuse. In other words, people are not trusting this president's restraint or motivations when it comes to these powers.

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Also-See the video on the legal analysis of  NDAA in sidebar.

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