Friday, May 11, 2012

Silencing Truth

Originally published in ROC Newsletter Issue #19-2012

"How may I silence you? Any way I can– let me count the ways." This is the actual state of free speech in America under the Obama administration. The protection of free speech was one of the first casualties to be thrown under the Obama bus – running over it repeatedly is the systemic standard for this regime.

"Without objection... we will proceed."

The liberal/progressive/socialism agenda of today is about obtaining permanent control and changing our free society into a centralized, bureaucracy-managed one. They just will not admit this fact directly. In order for its actors to achieve this end– they have one essential need above all others– the control of public information. They do not seek our permission either, just the appearance of having it. Truthful information therefore is the Kryptonite to their anti-American agenda.

So attacking free speech is job #1 for these power-mongers. The evidence, as to the lengths they will go to, is overwhelming and was instituted even before this administration was sworn in.

Early on in the 2008 campaign, then candidate Obama, excluded reporters that were not towing his line from his campaign plane. This sent a message about "his message" and access that the media needs.

Once in office we saw immediately that this administration was going to be much different. All questions and content would be controlled from the top down.

The Obamacare fight was a classic example of how 'any means necessary' would be deployed to control the message and silence dissent. It began with orchestrated protests and a scheduled misinformation campaign with a plan to buy-off expected opposing voices. Fortunately for America, a counter-movement they had not counted on, had just found its voice too. We are proud to be part of that voice.

While it is expected that political parties will try and frame their messages in the best possible light, this administration has gone so far beyond this, in so many ways. They actively attempt to silence opposition in order to keep their excuses for more power-grabbing unimpeded.

Deception is routine in this administration. The fabrications and spin over what they are up to drones out the truth as we are forced to determine what is true and what isn't.

Displacement. Our news media and others who dispense popular opinion make sure that the agenda gets the priority and the lions share of the news cycle, lest they displease their masters.

Discrediting those that bring facts to the conversation is a biggie. We have witnessed this in so many ways and have learned how they will go to any length to destroy careers and silence effective voices against their agenda. America has learned too much of the evil manipulations, taught by those of the Saul Alinsky ilk, to ridicule and intimidate political opponents into silence. We have also witnessed the most disgusting and disgraceful overplay of the race card as a nuke-like weapon to threaten and coerce silence.

Disarming. This administration abuses its powers everyday. They seek figurative death for any opposing points of view and will misuse their federal agencies to achieve it. Whether it is by giving non-profits of the tea party type unique and impossible compliance standards– under threat from the IRS– or using the DOJ or Homeland Security to target certain folks– who just happen to be effective in exercising that speech– they show no ethical self-restrain in abusing their powers. See Heritage article–

U.S. v. Heicklen: The Nullification of Free Speech

As far as literal deaths, there have been some very mysterious coincidences lately as well, that have people speculating as to just what this administration is capable of doing to its own citizens. Of course ridicule is deployed against anyone wanting the facts. Assigning the "conspiracy label" to anyone and everyone who dares seek the truth over Obama's past being the most glaring case-in-point. Talk about people being cowed into silence... despite overwhelming evidence of fraud!

We could go on and on– with the methods (e.g., efforts to control internet) and past examples of the targeting of free speech. The bottom line is, either we are going to 'sit down and shut up'– or we will vow never to be intimidated into that. Our representation needs to take notice of this choice as well. Without objectors a government can and will do anything it wants to do. Those type of despotic governments have a record –kill and ruin.

Without objection...they can, and do, proceed.

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