Friday, May 18, 2012

Weeding the Overgrown Rosebed

Originally published in ROC Newsletter Issue #20-2012
America's National Interests– A Job For the Responsible

It is hard to imagine what we might be thinking about our country if it were not for the flow of information online. We might all be doubting our sanity if we only had the rosy picture the media paints. Our reality looks nothing like what they present.

They have a whole lot of stories to suppress this week too. From word that the Green River Deposits on federal land in Utah, Colorado and Wyoming have more recoverable oil than the entire rest of the world combined (not good for the fossil-fuel hating leftist agenda), to news Obama is still sinking in the polls, despite more pandering (this week for the gays). The Tea Party is far from dead, and still striking fear into the hearts of entrenched incumbents.The jobs' numbers are horrid and the Obamacare uncertainty nightmare promises to keep them that way for a long time. Obama's phony wars against the right for political purposes have been duds. The canary in Europe is beginning to have fits from lack of oxygen– and may soon croak due to their obstinate and irresponsible politicians and overly dependent people. Elements we ourselves are not in short supply of either. The left of course deliberately failed to pass a budget again, and stopped all other proposals by the right for meaningful fiscal responsibility from government, as if they don't seem to care about anything but winning elections.

In our reality, we observe that we have the most incompetent and corrupt federal government we have ever had, making the wrong calls, cutting bad deals, meddling in our lives or doing a whole lot of nothing in areas they should act on. We need a new change– one that has a media that reports reality, and a government that actually acts on America's behalf. America's national interests are best met when only responsible people have, and are doing, their jobs. The roses have been overcome with weeds!

November sure seems to be taking a long time to get here.

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