Sunday, September 8, 2013

Omnipotent Outcomes

Omnipotent Outcomes

Our government talks of moving forward. That isn't happening. The multitude of collective experts within it try and they try–yet they fail and they fail again.

Operation Fast and Furious, one recent example,  was set up to create a certain outcome. That didn't work out. "Oops! Pay no attention to all those criminal cartels now using the weapons we provided them to slaughter foes... as we were hoping for an excuse to implement one of our favored outcomes– separating Americans from their guns."

Benghazi, few now doubt, was a secret, external interference operation gone bad... evidently meant to help tip the balance in the Middle East in some way "good," for someone. We still don't know the gruesome thinking behind their plans to empower "the meek" but we can certainly tell it missed some unexpressed outcome target by a considerable distance. Those involved said, "don't look at us!" But we know who to look at. Oops indeed, more brave Americans dead.

The list of similar actions is really exhaustive. The mindset crosses party lines. It covers like tentacles into every public and private enterprise. Our government has decided it is "Mr. Big Outcome".. to the rescue of everybody, all the time. But try as they might, they're really kind of like Mr. Clean in the reciprocal– where the mess doesn't ever get better, it just keeps getting messier. "More people ought to enjoy home ownership!" That little dip in the road caused a big stir last time...but no worries...they are going for that same outcome again– make it a continuous roller coaster ride for the future... since a few homeowners managed to survive this last man-caused storm. Maybe the outcome they want is just to see people puke?

Speaking of outcomes...don't look at Obamacare whatever you do!

Then there is Syria. A direct and imminent threat to Barack Obama's ego. That is no good. How dare anyone else decide an outcome! Let's go to war! Maybe even go really big over it... like World War big.

So, our government was meant to be one of a defensive nature... to serve the people best... against mostly external threats, but it tries to determine absolutely everything now. It was never designed to do that. Remember how we used to teach our children that in schools and at home before Mr. Big Outcome decided to set his own curriculum.

This is not saying people are incapable of obtaining the results they seek. Man has done incredible things with the intelligence granted to us. We do get good results with focus, time and experience using that brain power. It's just always "going big" and hoping for "big results" is rare when thousands of unknown variables happen, and in this world, they do. The collective brain is no match for the unknown variables. We need to solve all variables in order to accurately predict results. But our government is dumb this way. They want their big outcomes, they want them now!

We have reviewed the establishment's credo, so now let's briefly review what the people originally established for having the best necessary government possible. Our national government is supposed to serve our states, those states are supposed to serve their communities, those communities are supposed to serve the people, and the people are supposed to be free to take care of our own responsibilities, live a good life and serve our God.

God has the job to determine the really big outcomes. He is the constant for us.

Mr. Big Outcome, a.k.a., our government, is acting backwards alright... and it shows.

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