Sunday, August 24, 2008

The "Mother of All Smokescreens"

I hope that the upcoming fight over the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" includes all of this as evidence. Who needs Red China censoring when our own media puts a blockade around the truth on anything perceived to be an attack on liberalism?
Candidate Obama is like the Island of Cuba during the Cuban Missile crisis. American warships formed a ring around the island to prevent the Soviet Union from delivering ballistic missile supplies to the Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. The Cubans and the Soviets were both forced to pull the missiles out for the blockade to be lifted.
That, of course, was a positive use of power to prevent a threat to our country from standing. In the case of our media using its power to prevent the truth, we have the exact opposite use of power, we have abuse of power.
The armada of ships are in the form of media outlets. Like the Spanish Armada of yore their sheer numbers are overwhelming in size. They have encircled the very weak,very flawed candidate Obama to form a shield against any scrutiny, any real examination and against actual exposure of this very unqualified man. They have a common goal, to have this shield in place long enough for enough people to accept the created image of a God sent leader of all men.

He is the Milli Vanilli (notorious lip syncing frauds) candidate of all time and the media still refer to him as a rock star, literally. Is it that they don't actually know better? I highly doubt that and believe they are invested in his success for mostly emotional reasons.
That is why the American people without Fox News, talk radio, and the internet would really be mushrooms(kept in the dark and fed manure).
Despite the blockade word is leaking out and the candidate himself is providing the evidence to voters that there is much less to him than meets the eye!
This election is crucial to get Originalist's back in the courts. This election is crucial to have the strongest possible person leading us at this tumultuous time.
What the media's action has created is a situation that is actually breaching our freedom of speech and counter to their own long term interest. They are close to having us seat the most unqualified person to ever serve in the nations highest office.
I wonder, how many of these participants in this "mother of all smokescreens" is actually having personal remorse for failing to provide the truth to their countrymen.

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