Monday, September 1, 2008

Wake up! Pay attention!

I love and appreciate this country.
I love my family which I feel represents a pretty typical family in America.

My feelings are most likely shared by millions of other families across the country.
Families go about their daily lives and experience both triumph and tribulation as they do so.
Most families, like most individuals have their ups and downs. For the most part people are busy, balancing their jobs, family, pursuing their interests.

This country allows for a freedom and liberty unseen before in the history of civilizations.
A few are very aware of this and would never take it for granted.

The problem I see is that there is quite a few more that really do take all that they have been blessed with for granted. Beyond that there is a sizable portion of our countrymen that also feel entitled to receive even more and that it is the governments duty to provide it to them!
So with the obvious stated above I want to talk a little about what I worry about when it comes to our country.

To be perfectly blunt I feel too many people are being duped and accepting a very biased and fast food variety of information provided by an increasingly irresponsible media.
The formerly fairly objective reporting seems to have given way to highly subjective system of carefully engineered misinformation.

My trust of the news presented by the TV networks, the newspapers and periodicals, and the arts mediums has evaporated. The days of passively accepting their news as true are over for me.
I know that I am not alone.

Do this experiment, watch a day of CSPAN coverage of the House or the Senate and listen to the proceedings. With that information than watch the spin on the nightly newscasts. If you do this in an intellectually honest manner, you will be blown away on what is a "pick and choose" editorially bankrupt practice to lie to the people.

This is a disservice to me but I realize that it is happening, what though of the millions who do not realize it? If this is done during an official investigation of course it would be a crime called obstruction of justice. To me, this constitutes what is called negligence to observe due diligence.
This is a requirement to protect the public from professional practitioners such as a doctor or architect or lawyer. These journalists need to be held to the same standard.

Not only are these news organizations presenting tainted fare they hope for a form of legal monopolistic protection by reinstating the misnamed "Fairness Doctrine" to legislate the power to continue to operate in this manner. This unfair and dishonest information control is being supported by one side of the political spectrum. The very idea of ever doing such a thing is in direct contradiction to their public stance.

This brings me back to what I originally wanted to say.
I hear too often how people really don't care about what is happening politically. I see this as a terrible mistake on the part of the American people. We almost have a situation now where we have now trusted the fox(not the news station) to watch the chickens.

No would ever take something they felt was really important to them and leave it out unlocked or unguarded. Would you take and put a diamond ring on a little table out in your front yard with no concern or no attempt to protect it from anyone who may want to take it from you? Would you just assume that it would still be there for you if left unguarded or unwatched? Would you leave a small child unprotected and alone in a city or a jungle? Of course not, we guard and protect what is important to us.

Why than are people not guarding and protecting this country as they should. Why is it OK not to pay attention? Why do they feel that it isn't that important to personally worry about? If you are one of these people that has more important things to do ask yourself would I have the freedom or liberty to even do these things in other countries? Maybe its time to pay attention. Maybe its time to guard and protect what is important. Maybe it is time to find out the truth on what is happening to this great nation today.

This country is being undermined in more than one way today. There are active powers that wish to impose a much different way of life on all of us. There are groups working to end individual choice, to end liberty, to end freedom in this country.

They are succeeding in broad daylight to accomplish these goals. They have discovered how to use a devastating and effective weapon.

Yes, we are our own worse enemy in this fight. Our weakness is their strength in gaining ground. We are being cooked slowly so as not to jump out of the pot before it is too late.
If we are not to be ruled by tyrants and evil we better come to realize soon we all must be vigilant , we have to care, we must pay attention, we must find a way to be active to guard against complacency or indifference.

So do not be the one who says "I don't really pay attention to politics".
This is a call to duty to your country. Teach your children the real lessons
of history because they are not learning it in schools any more.

Most of all if you are one who is not paying close enough attention...Wake up! Pay attention!

Your country needs you.

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