Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How low will they go?

Sarah Palin has the Democrats and Obama supporters scared to death. Today, it was revealed that the Alaskan Governor's social security # and other personal information has been released surreptitiously to the general populace.

Imagine that. Not something new for the fine folks over there in Hate Americaland, never the less it makes one wonder just how low people will wallow in the slime in order to win.

It is as if they are competing in some sort of political Fear Factor competition with the anything goes back stabbing, smearing and take out your opponent ala Survival except without the restrictions imposed by that show.

The strength of Sarah Palin is summed up by her reported quote of the joke Q- "How do you tell the difference between a Hockey Mom and a pitbull?" A-"Lipstick!"

This Mom is tough, she makes a difference, she walks the walk and she backs up what she says,
and at the same time she knows what it means to juggle tasks while being a loving and supportive mom.

They will continue looking for that secret weapon to wipe out Sarah because they know all to well her fantastic story is going to attract votes that they once hoped would be theirs by default.

This is a case where I believe the honest and open and real Palin will easily defeat those who resort to deceit, and hide their actions, and hide the underlying falseness of who they are.

Real Americans should always say no to this deliberate witch hunt and never ever stoop so low.

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