Friday, September 5, 2008

Still feeling smug and superior with themselves

I wish to thank the people who provide the coverage of these blatant propagandists. They must suffer greatly while listening to the dribbling opinions of these all knowing fools.
NBC and its affiliates were deleted from the remotes in my house long ago, with cause!

Pictured is one of the vilest excuses for a reporter I have ever witnessed. His hero is Helen and his style is classless as is the entire network.

Looks like a few people agree with me!

America deserves real journalists that present the true facts not opinion. The fact that Obama is still the candidate for the left proves that the media is not doing their job, and have not done so for some time.
Fortunately real market capitalism also agrees with me as we see the biased based networks lose more everyday. Makes one wonder if they can't keep their own house in order than why do they think they can tell us what is best? This of course doesn't seem to phase them and their smirks and sarcastic attacks continue unabated against anyone with a differing opinion.

Like I said though above I "changed" the channel long ago.

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