Friday, September 5, 2008

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Sarah Palin is someone that women all over this country have been waiting for.

My new friend Jen reports that even the Bush hating women are pumped up about her.
Sarah Palin gives them back their female identity.

The so called feminist movement has tried to impose guilt upon
women for years for the high crime of.....
wanting to act like and be treated as a woman.

Jen believes a man should open a door for a woman.

I agree.

The feminists have made it seem that a woman is a sell out if they are comfortable in the traditional and natural role of a woman.

Being a mom, loving your man, working for your family first, loving both God and country.
Having another job is your choice, that's the woman's prerogative!

Sarah Palin is an instant hit with the hearts of millions of women across this nation. She is an example that its not only ok to be a female it is tremendous, no apology neccessary,

Millions of men out there confused by the non-woman woman will agree. Sarah is an example that we want.

A woman's worth has always been equal to a man. A man values a woman's worth to him above all else.

Those trying to devalue Sarah Palin in order to win an election will suffer a huge backlash.
When Sarah spoke at the RNC women shouted a collective Yes!

Men you better start opening those doors again!

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  1. Yes! Sarah is Hank Jr's Country Boy(Girl) Can Survive, Tom T. Hall's Harper Valley PTA, and Davy Crockett, combined.

    Excellent Post!


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