Sunday, December 5, 2010

Federal Government Tries Changing Our Constitutional Terms

If We the People do not have the authority to prevent non citizens from voting in our national elections it will not be long before our country ceases to exist as we know it.

The States are We the People, and We the People hold the power for self-government.  We must guard this power jealously at all times.  The supreme law of the land is on our side. Our Constitution.

The power of the States to define the qualifications needed for its electors (voters) was enshrined in the Constitution and was always reserved to the States.  We originally had it, and retained that power as the Federalist Papers explained. Even subsequent  related amendments to our Constitution did not change that reserved right- and for good reason.

Our federal government office holders are our employees and are strictly limited by our U.S. Constitution as to what authority they may exercise over the many States.

The problem is that very few of us really understand the "terms of the contract" so to speak, and falsely believe that our federal courts are the final say in Constitutional legal matters.

This lack of knowledge is a very serious problem for the future vitality of our nation.  The federal courts, federal legislators, and presidents are running amok with a continuing pattern of claiming authority over We the People that simply does not exist, but nevertheless is being stolen from us and award to themselves.

One is left to wonder if there is anyone fighting at the state level for the actual terms spelled out in our supreme law, the U.S. Constitution.  If not, why not? Are they too, ignorant of the law?  Have they bought into the notion that our law is now based on something else, such as Supreme Court precedent? Or are they afraid to fight back because without the backing of the people the swim against this strong prevailing current is too daunting? The people just don't seem to know enough about the limits on the federal power in the Constitution placed there intentionally.

Fortunately we have bloggers like Publius Huldah who helps us understand what the Constitution really means, the intentions behind its many clauses that the framers themselves explained, and the way the liberal/progressives constantly seek to alter the actual meanings and substitute their self-serving definitions.

In her latest blog post published at both Canada  Free Press and her Publius Huldah blog, she details how the Ninth Circuit Federal Court has decided to usurp our power in Gonzales v. Arizona 200, and give it to themselves once again. Publius Huldah walks the ordinary American layman through point by point on what the Constitution says, what was written about the power of the states to qualify its voters, and what the Federalist Papers say about this.  She also shows us that the Ninth Circuit's opinion used convoluted logic, misrepresentations, and actually changed terms in distorting what the Constitution says about federal power in this area, and shows they are trying to rewrite it.

The majority opinion is a tangled web of 62 pages. I address three points: (a) They misrepresented, ignored Art. I, Sec. 2, cl. 1; and (c) They rewrote Art. I, Sec. 4, cl. 1. what Alexander Hamilton & James Madison actually said...
Read it, understand it. Our country is in real peril.

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  1. They never stop trying to rewrite our constitution and they never will stop until We The People rise up and say ENOUGH! They have their guilt but we also have ours. It is time to act, people. In fact, it is way past time.

    A great post Dave.



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