Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hasselbeck Vs Palin

If you want an instant headline from the old media, or a tabloid, be a known conservative, and then criticize Sarah Palin's stance on an issue.  They'll beat a path to your door to be able to publish it.
Elisabeth Hasselbeck criticizes Sarah Palin over school lunch bill

That is how Elisabeth Hasselbeck's name rose into the hot topics category this week when the two differed on the new $4.5 billion school lunches bill passed by lawmakers this week.

The bill also bans "unhealthy foods"and was opposed by Palin who took the position that children's nutrition is the responsibility of the parents.
Though Elisabeth has a very tough gig working with the PC cultural destruction police bunch she has to deal with everyday, she is not taking a conservative stance here.  Sarah is right.

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