Friday, February 24, 2012

Guest Post By A Traditional American

In the Fog at Night, Our Path Forks...

A Cautionary Tale by Fred B. Houck

 [originally published in Righting Our Consent  NEWSLETTER #8-2012 ]

There is a wise, old saying — common in the mountains:
"When entering unknown country, stay on the trodden path. It was made by those who went before you and found the best way."
Detours, shortcuts and inviting directions nearly always lead to a cliff or dead end and require an eventual return to the original trail. It usually costs both time and energy you may not have. For over two hundred years America has been following a path blazed by our pathfinders. That path has led us to prosperity, wealth and individual freedom that is unique in human history.
Now we find ourselves in the fog of confusing noise with competing guides and America has reached a fork in the road. We know the original path leads one uphill, but the new guides insist on following a different one, leading us downhill, where the walking is easier and all we have to do is give up our personal freedom of choice while yielding to their rule. They say that they know what is best for us and can lead us to a better place. They say we won't have to carry our own burden because they will choose who shall carry everyone's load.
The larger group, the traditional Americans, have never changed their view or their belief in the pathfinders of America. They have always held firm to the belief that each American is free because we do carry our own load, earn our own way, and do what we can to make America better for all. They also have a firm belief that, if we do our best ourselves, God will help us find our way.  We traditional Americans ask for nothing more and we will yield our rights to no one, regardless of their promises.
The downhill path is offered by those who envisioned and formed the USSR and other similar utopian forms of oligarchy. The politicians who hold their own power above the citizens who elected them and claim "we know better," combined with the broadcast and print media (graduated by our infiltrated academia), are the false guides pointing down the "easy" hill path. They say they will rule us into a better way.
NOW we choose. We must each choose the path to follow. We can stay true to the American way, carry our own weight, ask for no handouts, and demand our right to choose for ourselves, OR... we can yield up our rights and be ruled by the every nation that is not America. This is not a simple, unimportant decision. We choose the direction our children and grandchildren will follow. If we allow the statist left to make our choices for us America will no longer be the envy of the world. We will be ruled... like every other and all traditions will be lost. All freedom will be lost.
I am a Traditional American and I will NOT be RULED! Each will choose now. Now, more than ever, character counts.

Fred B. Houck is one of many traditional Americans.  He lives with his wife on a mountain in Idaho.

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  1. There are good reasons for traditions. Our society likes and adopts them because in general this improves our society in the way we wish. Governments' who become too controlling seek to displace these societal "votes" and want to eliminate this autonomous non-government authority.


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