Saturday, March 10, 2012

Obama's Jobs Promises v Performance

Via the blog The Lonely Conservative (listed in our Best Blogs) 

Chart of the Day: Obama’s Jobs Deficit

President Obama sure is doing a bang-up job when it comes to the economy. He’s banging up American businesses and the workers they employ. Look at this awful chart, via Rep. Dave Huelskamp:

The Democrat-controlled Senate tables every bill brought to them by the House. How anyone can blame this mess – a mess that began after Democrats took control of both houses of Congress while Bush was president, and the official unemployment rate was in the 5% range – and get away with it is beyond comprehension.
Well, nobody ever accused liberals of being smart. They’re intellectual, which means they have the ability to spin anything – with the help of the media, of course – into their favor. Don’t buy what they’re selling, they never offer a refund. Quite the opposite is true, we always pick up their tabs.
Oh, and don’t believe the official unemployment numbers. Do the math, where did all of the workers go?

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