Saturday, March 10, 2012

Reclaiming The Narrative

"Barack Obama is a radical and we should not be afraid to say so."

This video tribute to Andrew Breitbart is a call to action... in his own words...
It is clear that we cannot take our country back unless we are proactive in taking the narrative back from the media.  It is also clear that Andrew Breitbart not only saw this— but made it his mission in life to change. His passing has shocked us, and made us realize it really is up to us to demand the truth and not allow the mainstream old media to steer the national discourse.  They have proved themselves to be unreliable, untrustworthy and dishonest to the American public that pays attention and wants objective information, not propaganda.

The media have repeatedly covered for Obama's deceptions, errors, misjudgments, distortions, failures and outright lies– while doing their level-best to frame any and all of his possible opponents in the worst light possible. In the meantime, this is a man that continually is undermining America and our constitutional rule of law.

Therefore, all of us as individuals, or in our groups, must find ways to bypass the media and speak out, inform others and be unrelenting in doing so.  Breitbart promised that this time Obama would be vetted, after last election the media intentionally helped hide his radical associations and true character from the public. We might guess they will still report all new revelations as "nothing." Twitter tag #VetThePrez is evidence our patriot friends are fighting back. We are not going to sit down and shut up–we are going to fight for America. The glass barrier built around Obama by the corrupted media is already being shattered– by citizen journalism and new media technology.

One item that the people really need to consider reform for is the power of the federal government, via the FCC, to control and/or threaten the media.  We now see the damage that goes unchecked when the press is at the government's service, willingly or not.


  1. Look up the connection between Bell and a man called Khalid Muhammad.
    These are the connections that Andrew, so brillantly knew, would come slinking out of Obama's closet

  2. Yes, of course there are two ongoing, parallel stories Andrew gets credit for exposing to us–first, all the nefarious Obama connections and next, the leftist media's deliberate practice of hiding them from the public's view.


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